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Privacy Policy

Effective date: July 13, 2019 PopHuff operates the PopHuff.com website. Please read the below to learn more about our privacy policy. Privacy policy defines conditions applicable to use our site’s content and it again clarifies how we use the data and information, and what are the types of data that are used by PopHuff.com: We don’t need user verification. We don’t use user verification, name and address or your personal information such as phone number or email address or home location as we are a free information portal. However, if you want to sign up for our newsletter, get emails, want to publish your articles, or want any personalized services, then only we would like you to verify your personal Id via mail.

Non-Individual Data Usage

We definitely use area codes, search results, and IP addresses which are non-Individual data and allow certain advertisement such as Google advertisements on our page. The advertisement we provide are from trusted sites and on clicking them you may be driven to certain pages which may or may not use your personal data. We use analytics feature to regulate the number of users, and maximize the versatility of our sites so we don’t require your personal data, however, if you want to mail us, or comment on our site, we would take your personal information and it is only for regulation of hateful comments, racial harmony and for the site’s trustworthiness. User can cancel the mailing services, or newsletters at any point of time if they don’t wish to receive it anymore.

Use of Cookies

We don’t use any cookies however the browser you may be using might contain cookies. On the other hand, Google advertisement pages that you are forwarded to on clicking the ads’ section may or may not use cookies. Whereas, in the future, if we use cookies it will only be for good user experience only.

Protection of Client’s data

We use high-end software, dedicated IT technicians and well-trusted domain-host, hence our client’s data is taken protected with utmost safety. Added that, we use our page analysis feature to know things like user’s geography-region, nation, device which are later processed to give user’s the best experience.

Operational Information

As a common platform, we extract some Operational information from our users which includes your time of comments or your server’s IP address, time zone, location or browser, or the device or operating system which are then shared to the third parties which is our effort to help our user get a better browsing experience. Aggregate Information and Bundle report We share bundled analysis report with a third party and it is free of specific personal information.

Use of Analytics features

We use or will use a web analytics tool, or even a third-party tool if we feel our in-house tools are insufficient or the data we are dealing with needs to be broken down to analyze and apply tracking service, to track clicks, visits or mouse movements. Note: Please visit Terms of usage to better understand how and when we consider changing the policies and to know the terms of proper usage of this website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us: huffpop69(at)Gmail(dot)com