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Betsy Woodruff Jawline, Married Relationship, Family & All

Betsy Woodruff has carved a path for herself in the field of political writing and reporting. Currently, she is working as a reporter for The Daily Beast. From a very young age, Woodruff had her mindset of becoming a journalist. So, it is not surprising that all her efforts have garnered a lot of success.

Here are lesser-known facts about Betsy Woodruff – all you need to know about her relationships, net worth, height, weight and everything you can think of!

Betsy Woodruff’s Bio

Betsy Woodruff was born on October 31, 1989, in Purcellville, Virginia to Scott and Jane Woodruff. She hails from Purcellville, Virginia, but currently resides in Washington, D.C. She is

In 2008, Betsy Woodruff started her freshman year at Hillsdale College, where she graduated four years later with a degree in English.

She spent her first two years of college working at the National Review Institute. Later on, she landed a job as a political writer for the Washington Examiner. She also worked for other broadcasting firms as a reporter, including the Toledo Free Express and National Review. In 2015, she finally joined The Daily Beast, where she covers a wide range of topics from pop culture to politics, earning her the title of being one of the most well-known names in the political field.

Betsy Woodruff Nationality, Height & Weight

Betsy Woodruff is an American. Similarly, Betsy stands tall at 5’5” (1.68m) and she weighs about 125 lbs or 57 kg.

Betsy Woodruff Jawline Deformity, Surgery
Betsy Woodruff Jawline Is Awful

The Truth About Betsy Woodruff JawLine Deformity

Betsy Woodruff suffers from jaw misalignment. It’s all I can think about when she talks. Looking at it is very distracting, to say the least. It’s gotten worse in the last year.

She needs to get it fixed while she is young after 40 she WILL have complications I suggest she talk to a maxillofacial surgeon real quick.

Who are Betsy Woodruff’s parents?

Scott Woodruff and Jane Tharp Woodruff have always been supportive of Betsy and are considered to be her biggest fans. Betsy always gives credits to her parents for her impressive work ethics.

Betsy Woodruff with her Parents
Betsy Woodruff with her Parents

Her mother, Jane, is a Marketing graduate from the University of Missouri. She worked for a while as a bookstore assistant at the Patrick Henry College Bookstore. Currently, and is a housewife.

Jane studied marketing at the University of Missouri and is currently a homemaker. She walked down the aisle with Scott Woodruff on July 9, 1983.

Betsy has two siblings – Chris Woodruff, who works as the Executive Director of Life Raft International, and Jane Woodruff, who is employed at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig.

Betsy’s Career

While she was still a student, Woodruff wrote for the Washington Examiner, the Toledo Free Press, and National Review.

In 2011, Woodruff started her internship at the Washington Examiner. And after graduating from Hillsdale in June 2012, she received the William F. Buckley Fellowship from the National Review Institute. She worked there for two years.

Woodruff later began working with the Washington Examiner, where she continued writing about politics.

Currently, Betsy Woodruff’s a Daily Beast political reporterShe started working there as of March 2015 and covers federal law enforcement, immigration, and the justice department.

As a political reporter, Woodruff has covered various topics ranging from campaigns to Capitol Hill. Her strong stance on these subjects allowed her to appear on Fox Business and MSNBC.

What is Betsy Woodruff Net Worth?

Since she is working as a Daily Beast reporter, it can be assumed or estimated that Betsy Woodruff’s salary is somewhere between $69,000 and $75,000 per year based on numbers provided by sources.

Betsy’s hard work and perseverance has definitely paid off. With the career she’s built, she has grown a net worth of an estimated $1 million.

Is Betsy Woodruff married or single? Who is her Husband?

Betsy is married women! The Daily Beast reporter recently got married to her longtime Australian boyfriend, Jonathan Swan.

In March 2018, Betsy shared some intimate photos of their engagement on Facebook saying: “I’m going to get married to this guy.” Too cute!

Betsy Woodruff Husband, Jonathan Swan, Engaged, Controversies
Betsy Woodruff with her husband Husband, Jonathan Swan

Betsy and her fiancé, Jonathan, walked down the aisle in September 2019. We wish them every happiness.

As of now, Betsy doesn’t share a child with her husband. But we soon wish to hear a good news of them having kids.

Is Betsy Woodruff Related to Judy Woodruff?

Many people are curious to know if Betsy Woodruff is related to Judy Woodruff, possibly because of the common last name they share. However, the two women are not related to each other.

Judy Woodruff is a television news anchor, writer, and journalist, who has worked for several TV networks such as CNN, PBS, and NBC. She is currently the anchor and managing editor of PBS NewsHour.

The broadcast journalist co-founded the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) in 1990 and now serves on the advisory council. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Is Betsy Woodruff Related to Bob Woodruff?

Again, because of the same last name, people also wonder if Bob Woodruff and Betsy Woodruff are connected to each other. But that’s not the case.

Robert Warren Woodruff, who is famously known as Bob Woodruff, is an American TV journalist. Throughout his career, Bob Woodruff has worked for different networks like CBS News and ABC News.

In 2006, he was severely injured by a roadside bomb while covering the war in Iraq. His amazing recovery inspired The Bob Woodruff Foundation, which offers financial support and resources to programs for veterans and their families.

Though Betsy Woodruff is not related to the veteran anchors, she undoubtedly holds them in high regard.

Betsy believes that it is important for young people to treat others in the same field with respect and dignity. Especially those with more experience who have worked in the industry for a long time.

With that attitude, Betsy Woodruff is sure to have continued success in her career as a reporter.

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