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Jonathan and Drew Scott Net Worth

# Fact 1 Favorite food is sushi and claims he would “throw a ring away on a girl who can make sushi”. 2 Was once married but later divorced. He still considers his ex-wife a friend and does not often discuss her out of respect for her privacy. 3 Is four minutes older than his twin. 4 Owns a real estate investment company and brokerage named Scott Real Estate Inc. 5 Has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians for around 20 years. 6 Both Drew Scott and Jonathan were members of a children’s choir. 7 Part of a country pop boy band with brothers in late teens. 8 Is a 2nd Degree black belt in Karate and was a Canadian National Karate champion for several years. 9 Grew up on a horse ranch and started riding at the age of 3. 10 His father, Jim Scott, worked in the film industry as an Actor and Assistant Director until shortly after Jonathan and brother, Drew Scott, were born. He decided to give up his career in the industry to focus on being a good father. 11 Identical twin brother is actor Drew Scott. 12 Was once recruited by Mensa. 13 13 time Canadian Karate Champion, 9 time BC Martial Arts champion. 14 Formerly ranked 3rd best stage magician by the PCAM in North America. 15 Modeled for over 7 years, including undergarments. 16 Has performed various Illusions and stunts included vanishing from one location to the top of another skyscraper in Vancouver. 17 Was Josh Hartnett double in Resurrecting the Champ (2007), even though Jonathan is several inches taller. 18 While filming Karma Inc. (2010), Jonathan went out in full costume to run an errand and the camera crews followed to film a spoof of Criss Angel Mindfreak (2005) while Jonathan performed random magic tricks at the mall. 19 Once put a spike through his arm during a dangerous illusion gone wrong in his magic act. After freeing himself from some binds too late, Jonathan fell straight down onto the bed of spikes. 20 Studied acting & drama at the University of Calgary. 21 Jonathan studied acting at the Company of Rogues Actor’s Studio in Calgary, Alberta. 22 Wrote and produced his very first film in high school, A Summer Affair, at the young age of 16. 23 Has a collection of antique swords. Bought his first three swords at age 10, while on a family trip to Scotland; two broad swords and a Claymore (types of swords used in the movie Braveheart (1995)). Collection also includes a Japanese samurai & katana swords, a Spanish Toledo blade, a bayonet from World War I, and many others. 24 Has volunteered with twin brother, Drew Scott, in the Oncology ward at the Children’s Hospital in Calgary, making children smile with his magical talent. 25 Started his first business at the young age of 7 where he made decorative hangers and sold thousands of them locally. The product became so popular that a company out of Japan started buying them to sell at ‘American Paraphernalia’ shops. This sparked Jonathan’s entrepreneur ways. 26 Became childhood friends with Tyler Labine, when Labine moved from Ontario to British Columbia. Later the pair worked together on Breaker High (1997) (also starring Ryan Gosling). 27 Was voted one of Entertainment Tonight’s 2011 Hottest Canadian TV Bachelors alongside Cory Monteith, Gregory Smith, Justin Chatwin, and twin brother Drew Scott. 28 Identical Twin brother is actor/producer Drew Scott. 29 Formerly one of the world’s youngest international illusionists. 30 Is an entrepreneur with several successful companies in the areas of Real Estate, Technology and TV/Film.

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