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Lara Lettice Johnson – Age, Parents, Siblings, Education, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio

lara lettice johnson

First of all, a hearty congratulation to our new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and to his family. In regards, it goes to all of the family members including his wife, and children, mostly to the eldest daughter Lara Lettice Johnson, who is in her aspiring youth full of spirit.

Born in 1993, Lara Lettice Johnson is the eldest of all amongst the four children of the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister. Today, we’ve collected secrets about Boris Johnson’s daughter.

lara lettice johnson age, height, birthday, body measurements
Lara Lettice turns 26.

Stick with us to know about Lara Lettice Johnson age, birthday, career and net worth!

Lara Lettice Johnson Bio

Age, Birthday, Parents

Lara Lettice Johnson, the eldest children of new elected British Prime Minister was born on 12 June 1993 in the U.K. She is the daughter of Boris Johnson and his wife Marina Wheeler. Marina and Boris are in the midst of a divorce. In fact, Boris, 54, is in a romantic relationship with Bloomberg PR Carrie Symonds, 31.


Lara grew up along her siblings Theodore Apollo Johnson, 20, Cassia Peaches Johnson, 22, and Milo Arthur Johnson, 24.

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Besides, Boris also has a younger daughter, Stephanie, born in 2009 from his extra-marital relationship with Helen Macintyre. Helen is an art advisor, with whom Boris denied paternity at first.


Lara was educated at Eton, a prestigious school where 19 British Prime Ministers passed through its halls including David Cameron. Princes Harry and  William also attended the school, that boasts yearly fees of £40,000.

Later, the 26 years old Lara, attended at Bedales which is the same school her mother attended. Above all, the boarding school famous for its free-spirited attitudes, Bedales costs almost £33,000 a year.

Lara Lettice Johnson Net Worth

Lara Lettice Johnson has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle through the net worth of her father. As of now, the net worth of new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is estimated at $2 million (or £1.6 million).

lara lettice johnson parents, dad, mother
Lara with her father Boris Johnson and mother Marina Wheeler.

However, the calculation might not be reliable. But as soon as we figure out the net worth of Boris Johnson we will soon update you.

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Even though, the actual net worth of Lara Lettice Johnson is still left to be figured we can surely assume that she’s one of the richest daughters of the Kingdom, or soon to be.

She lives one of the lavish lifestyles in Britain as she once mentioned about one holiday, which she wrote for the school magazine.

Lara described the holiday as “dizzyingly extravagant” and admired how she enjoyed a holiday only available to certain customers.

Moreover, she said that the trip took place during Boris’ stint as London Mayor writing:

“Such holidays are only available to a niche market of customers, however, we were fortunate enough to experience this complimentarily and were able to experience both the local lifestyle and the tourist market.”

Who is Lara Lettice Johnson Boyfriend? Is she dating someone or married?

As of now, no information is revealed regarding who Lara Lettice Johnson has dated or who is her boyfriend.

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Neither there are details if she’s hitched to her husband. But as soon as the happy news comes out, we assure to keep you updated.

Social Media

Lara Johnson-Wheeler is active on Instagram. Find here.



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