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American TV personality and actor Luca oriel first came to spotlight from his surprising role in romantic series “Shameless”.

In fact, the American actor is best known for his role as Derek in the 5th season of the drama “Shameless”. Besides, he’s already featured in movies like Calloused Hands, and Devil’s Whisper.

Luca Oriel age, height, birthday, body measurements
Luca Oriel turns 22 years of age.

On deck, you’ll discover more detailed information on ‘who is Luca Oriel?’, ‘how did his career breakthrough?’, ‘who is he dating his girlfriend?’ and other backgrounds about his family. So, stick with us!!!

Who is Luca Oriel?

The American actor Luca Oriel was born on 29 March 1997 in the United State, the actor is best known for reprising the role of Derek in the 5th season of the romantic drama series “Shameless”.

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The early life happenings of the youngish Oriel is still in the dark. However, the future of this 22 years old actor seems to be shaped perfectly as Luca’s father Rey Oriel was once an actor too.


Luca oriel didn’t grow up as an actor despite his family background. At the age of 5, Oriel enrolled in a Karate class but stopped competing in championships at the age of 10. Later he continued to become an MMA fighter taking the classes of “Mixed Martial Arts”.

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In 2012, Luca was invited as a star guest in “Bucket and Skinner” Epic Adventure show.

Luca Oriel Movies and Shows – Best To Worst

Film Year Character Type
Devil’s Whisper 2017 Alex Movie
Shooter 2016 Rodrigo TV Show
Shameless 2011 Derek TV Show
Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures 2011 New Kid (1 episode, 2012) TV Show
Wake 2009 Irving’s Nephew #2 Movie
Lower Learning 2008 Marcos Movie

Devil Whisper (2017) – Drama/Thriller

Amongst all the movies, that Luca Oriel portrayed in, his most popular movie include “Devil Whisper”. The movie is directed by Adam Ripp and remains as one of Luca’s major breakthrough in 2017.

There he got the chance to portray the lead role of a 15-year-old who has from the highly religious family background. Because of that, he’s inspired to be a priest.

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But on uncovering a mystery box that has been passed down from his it overtime possesses him and turns him into a demon. Eventually, the demon destroys him and his dreams. This is one of his highly recommended movies.

Wake (2009)

Luca also got some of his fan followings from the movie “Wake”. In this romantic movie a girl who believes she is a bit isolated emotionally from people took a step to correct that impression but funny enough she took the most bizarre method which is attending other people’s (strangers) funeral.

In one of her limited funeral ceremonies, she met Tyler who later became her fiancée.

Calloused Hand (2013)

In “Calloused Hand” is another movie where Lucas also played a major role, the movie tells the story of an abused young girl who suffered intense abuse from both the mother and boyfriend.

Luca played Josh managed to create a life for himself with the help of his grandfather. The movie directed and scripted by Jesse Quinones was also a bang for Oriel and made him rank among the most populous actors in Hollywood.

What is Luca Oriel Net Worth?

There is no exact published figure associated with Luca Oriel net worth. However, speculations by Forbes, Wikipedia, and another online resource estimated that Luca Oriel net worth is around $100,000-$1,000,000.

Who is Luca Oriel Girlfriend? Is he dating someone or still single?

The 22 years age American actor Luca Oriel is currently single. However, this couldn’t be reliable as we don’t have any of his records of dating his girlfriend. That means he might be in a secret relationship with his girlfriend.

Social Media | Does Luca Oriel have Instagram?

The young actor seems to cryptic about his personal life. So, he hasn’t revealed anything on the social networking platform. No, Luca Oriel doesn’t have any social media account including Instagram and Twitter.

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