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Mel Kiper Net Worth

Melvin A. Kiper Jr. net worth is

$7 Million

Melvin A. Kiper Jr. Wiki Biography

Melvin Adam Kiper Jr. was born on the 25th July 1960, in Baltimore, Maryland USA, and is widely known for being an ESPN American Football analyst. He is also serving as ESPN’s covering analyst for the annual NFL draft, as well as the co-host of ESPN’s weekend show “Dari and Mel”.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this sports connoisseur has accumulated so far? How rich Mel Kiper is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Mel Kiper’s net worth, as of late 2016, is $7 million, acquired through his career in sports analytics which has been of active since 1984.

Mel Kiper Net Worth $7 million

Mel Kiper in one of the pioneers in the sport analysis business – he has been evaluating young, college football prospects while he was still a student in 1981. After the general manager of the Baltimore Colts, Ernie Accorsi, told Mel that there was a demand for draft analysis on the market, Mel Kiper decided to cash in on his in-depth knowledge and he founded his own company, NFL evaluating business – Draft Publications Inc, later renamed to Mel Kiper Enterprises Inc., really kicking-off his net worth.

Since 1984, Mel Kiper has been the coverage analyst of the annual NFL Draft for ESPN. For more than 20 years, Mel has been providing detailed information on the nation’s most gifted college football players, at which he is recognized as the best in business – his pre-draft predictions are frequently correct, actually in over 80% of cases. It is certain that this comprehensive knowledge has helped Mel Kiper to earn a respectable amount of wealth so far.

Mel Kiper is “responsible” for taking the NFL Draft from a poorly covered off-season meeting to one of the most hyped TV events. Numerous scouting departments’ subscriptions to his draft reports just testify to how successful Mel Kiper is in the business. Some scouts even admit that they compare their own reports against Mel’s. Doubtlessly, all these engagements have added a significant sum to the overall size of Mel Kiper’s net worth.

Apart from the NFL Draft, ESPN Radio’s “College Game Day” also features Mel Kiper as its analyst. In addition to all these engagements, Mel is also a regular contributor to the ESPN’s SportsCenter. He can often be seen on various ESPN’s shows alongside another draft expert, Todd McShay, “arguing” and discussing who could be America’s next best college football player. Besides all of these, Mel Kiper also co-hosts “Dari and Mel”, a weekly radio show in which he, alongside Dari Nowkhah, discusses sports events and the latest sports news. All these engagements have certainly contributed to the overall revenues of Mel Kiper.

Apart from being present in the media, Mel Kiper, as the president of Mel Kiper Enterprises Inc., is responsible for its numerous publications, such as “Draft Preview” and “NFL Draft Report”. His office is equipped with several satellite antennas, so he can follow up to 25 games of college football weekly. Judging by his net worth of $7 million, the business is running pretty smooth.

Mel Kiper is also famous for creating several tactics for covering the progress of young football prospects. The most famous is definitely the “Big Board” – literally the big board which he uses to rank the top 25 players every week. Apart from his professional analyst career, Mel Kiper has voice acted in ESPN NFL 2K5 videogame, and also made cameo appearances in the NFL Head Coach and Madden NFL 07-08 videogames.

When it comes to his personal life, Mel Kiper has been married since 1989 to Kim with whom he has one daughter. They reside in Baltimore, where his wife regularly helps him to run the business.

# Quote
1 (After fellow analyst Merril Hoge disagreed with him on USC receiver Mike Williams being the best player in the draft) “I’ll see you at his Hall of Fame induction.”
# Fact
1 At the 1994 NFL draft, Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Tobin was told that Mel Kiper had questioned his team’s choice of linebacker Trev Alberts over quarterback Trent Dilfer. Tobin responded, “Who the heck is Mel Kiper anyway? He has no more credentials to do what he’s doing than my neighbor, and my neighbor’s a postman.” Kiper turned out to be correct as Dilfer ended up winning a Super Bowl with his hometown Baltimore Ravens while Alberts was out of the NFL after three injury-plagued and unproductive seasons.
2 NFL draft analyst.
3 ESPN sportscaster


Title Year Status Character
Draft Day 2014/I Mel Kiper
Arli$$ 1999 TV Series Mel Kiper Jr.
Jerry Maguire 1996 Mel Kiper


Title Year Status Character
Mike & Mike 2011-2016 TV Series Himself – ESPN Football Guru / Himself – Telephone Interviewee / Himself – ESPN NFL Draft Guru / …
Year of the Quarterback 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Pardon the Interruption 2004-2010 TV Series Himself
2007 NFL Draft 2007 TV Special Himself
Two Days in April 2007 Video documentary Himself – ESPN Draft Expert
ESPN 25: Who’s #1? 2005 TV Series documentary Himself
ESPN NFL 2K5 2004 Video Game Himself (voice)
2001 NFL Draft 2001 TV Series Himself – Draft Guru
2000 NFL Draft 2000 TV Special Himself – Draft Guru
1999 NFL Draft 1999 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1998 NFL Draft 1998 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1997 NFL Draft 1997 TV Series Himself – Draft Guru
1996 NFL Draft 1996 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1995 NFL Draft 1995 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1994 NFL Draft 1994 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1993 NFL Draft 1993 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1992 NFL Draft 1992 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1991 NFL Draft 1991 TV Special Himself – Draft Guru
1989 NFL Draft 1989 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1988 NFL Draft 1988 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1987 NFL Draft 1987 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1986 NFL Draft 1986 TV Special Himself – Draft Guru
1985 NFL Draft 1985 TV Movie Himself – Draft Guru
1984 NFL Draft 1984 TV Special Himself – Draft Guru

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